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Massage : a natural way to rediscover yourself.


Pushing yourSelf too hard for persuing your dreams?

Feeling low, drained, numb and disconnected from yourSelf? 

Are you restless, irritated, tense? 

Massage stimulates the autonomic nervous system (ANS) releasing oxytocin, reducing stress, symptoms of anxiety, depression, 

physical and emotional pain as well as increasing the body's immune functions.

Massage can help with jet-lagged effect, better sleep, enhance your athlete performance and sexual life among its many other therapeutic health benefits.

Stress not properly released from the body can lead to chronic tension, imbalances and dysregulation in the organism. Massage can assist your nervous system to feel safe in order to release, gradually, the emotional (trauma) tension stored, helping your body restore its natural energy flow while freeing your mind.  


Other techniques combined in a session with me are; Bioenergetics Massage working on the body's Armour "holding patterns" and breathing. Deep Tissue Massage to bring relief to acutely tight and sore muscles. IASTM instrument assisted soft tissue mobilisation (optional) and Myofascial Release that promotes body's meridians alignment and self-regulation.

Once we meet I'll ask you questions about your emotional and physical state to tailor the session according to your individual needs.


Location: 20-21 Aldermanbury, London EC2V 7HY


While traveling in the UK I found myself having a difficult time coping with a combination of life stress and jetlag, and spent a couple of nights virtually sleepless before I found Serge online. He was incredibly thoughtful, accommodating, and kind. He took time to understand why I’d come to see him, provided an excellent massage, and I slept like a rock. Twelve stars.

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Massage is a form of Art, a non-words way of communication. A pathway to reconnect to ourself, to recognise the journey we have taken so far, to help us reshape and reroute ours life by connecting us to our drive force and intuition. 
I’ve trained in Bioenergetic Massage (Reichian Massage) based on psychologist Wilhelm Reich and Alexander Lowen principles to body work.

Currently finishing my studies in Bioenergetic Body Based Psychotherapy.

Since the 1990's I've studied and developed my own style combining different techniques from Bioenergetics (Reichian Massage) Deep Tissue Massage and Myofascial Release in order to assist my clients in their journeys.

 I hope we'll meet soon.
ITEC Qualified, IASTM Certified, Fully Insured.

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Deep tissue massage is ideal for those sore muscles before & after workouts. The ideal technique to release your muscles from knots and tension to promote fast relaxation & grow. 

  • Relief from pain.

  • Fast tissue healing. 

  • Reduces Inflammation.

  • Increases flexibility.

  • Improves performance.  

  • 60 minute localised Deep Tissue Massage ideal for: Neck, Chest & Shoulders Upper and Lower Back.

  • Back, Glutes &  &Legs.

  • Cupping & IASTM (instrumented assisted soft tissue mobilisation) optional.

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This strong full body massage session is exclusively tailored to your unique needs and personal story.


By incorporating therapeutic massage as a self-care practise into your life or/and in your healing process, you will be opening new channels of communication within yourSelf, your intuition and drive force.


Some of the techniques included in this 90 minutes session are: Bioernergetic Massage (working on your body's "armour" holding and breathing patterns) Deep Tissue Massage and Vagus Nerve reset techniques .

This therapeutic session can be challenging at moments, moving and evoke and arise unconscious emotions (sensations) to the conscious level. I will guide you through out the session with breath work to help you release tension stored, induce relaxation, ease and that very needed good night sleep.


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Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilisation.

IASTM is a combination of fascial and neuro-muscular release techniques using a range of ergonomically designed instruments to detect and treat soft tissue congestion, pain, injury, and dysfunction to restarts the body's natural process of restoration of the soft tissue in the affected areas.

This ancient muscle scrapping technique promotes tissue self-healing and grow. Ideal to treat those injuries from fitness performance such as weight lifting.

A highly beneficial treatment for bodybuilders and gym goers.

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